Become a Sponsor

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Each sponsor of a class, unless wishing to remain anonymous, will be credited in signage at the Community Kitchen and in all notices that are posted in the community and sent to the news media and on our website.


Yes, I/we highly value the work of FARMS at the Community Kitchen in Damariscotta. Our school-children and high school students are learning to cook and to enjoy together the delicious, healthy food they helped prepare.


To pay for FARMS staff time, for overhead, and for ingredients and other supplies, class sponsors are needed. As a class sponsor, I/we will help to underwrite the cost of:


sponsor poster blank_____ 1 class – $100

_____ 3 classes – $300

_____ 5 classes – $500

_____ 10 classes – $1,000

_____ classes @ $100. each



Sponsor Information




Business/Organization (if applicable)_______________________________________




City_______________________________ State______ Zip Code ______________


Email address___________________________________ Phone_______________



Please send your sponsorship donation and information to the address below.

Email your business logo to


P.O.Box 421

Damariscotta, ME 04543